How an SEO Product Manager Can Be Your Chief Problem Solver


How an SEO Product Manager Can Be Your Chief Problem Solver

Does your organization need an SEO Product Manager? Learn more about the benefits of applying a product development mindset to search.

Do Product Managers need to know how to code?

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Optimizing SEO with Out-of-Stock Product Management on Shopify: A Practical Walkthrough

Join Kalen in this detailed tutorial where we explore the often overlooked SEO issues that arise from out-of-stock products in your Shopify store. We dive deep into understanding how the mismanagement of these products can impact your website rankings and how you can rectify this with just a few tweaks.

In this video, we discuss:

0:00 Introduction
0:05 Meta Field and Issues with Out of Stock Products
0:12 SEO Dot Hidden – Shopify Feature
0:16 Product Feed and Testing with Blue Shirt
0:22 Two Workflows Explained
0:29 Turning on Product Update and Custom Code Explanation
0:38 Adding up Inventory Across Variants
0:43 Filter and Inventory Check
0:53 Test Run Demonstration
1:18 Cache Update and Final Results
1:30 Conclusion and Reach Out Information

The aim of this video is to help you optimize your Shopify store’s SEO by effectively managing out-of-stock products. By the end of the video, you’ll have a good understanding of the tools and techniques needed to boost your site’s rankings.

Need help installing this setup in your account? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you optimize your Shopify store for success. Contact us through the details provided below.

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What Is Enterprise SEO by former Amazon SEO Product Manager

Product Management Webinar about What Enterprise SEO Is.

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Kenyon focused on breaking down SEO to its core principals and extrapolating very practical and executable product framework.

SEO is often thought about as a black magic that few if any can master especially at an enterprise level. The simple truth of SEO is that you are tasked with creating value for customers and using technology and content as a means to do so. Despite the complexity often assumed with SEO, search engines like Google are in the business of proving users, real humans, unique valuable information and experiences, if you can build products to support that with some technical caveats, you too can SEO.

Kenyon Adei-Manu is a SEO Product Manager with 7 years of enterprise SEO Product experience. He currently works as a Sr. Product Manager at Carvana driving products that provide customer value and fuel growth. Previously he worked as SEO Product Manager at Amazon and Overstock, leading product initiatives ranging from UGC to Isomorphic Web Apps.

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Shit Product Managers Say

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